Digital Data Room

An electronic data room was made available to shortlisted proponents for the Broadwater Marine Project. The data room included a diverse range of technical information which is summarised by the Site Context Report. The information was provided to shortlisted proponents to assist their understanding of the Project Site.

Within the Site Context Report, documents highlighted with a 'strike out' are not available on this website for the following reasons:

  • the files contain modelling or GIS data which requires specialist software capability to open or read, but may be requested
  • the files contain baseline technical data which would require professional analysis (e.g traffic counts), but may be requested
  • the files contain commercial in confidence information

Please note for some modelling or GIS data there may be licence agreements and fees associated with the provision of this information.

Please contact Mr Richard Clarke, on +61 7 5581 7749, should you wish to request information that is not available through the Broadwater Marine Project website.

  1. Site context report
  2. Land Tenure
  3. Land use and economics
  4. Cruise ship investigations
  5. Hydrodynamics and Coastal Processes
  6. Environment and Sustainability
  7. Geotechnical
  8. Infrastructure

Project Background

The proposed Broadwater Marine Project aims to stimulate growth, create employment opportunities and encourage sound development to produce positive economic benefits for the city.

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