Community engagement

Historic community consultation

In late 2012, Council of the City of Gold Coast (Council) conducted a community engagement program for the Broadwater Marine Project.

A community information session was held on Thursday 13 December 2012 at the Southport Yacht Club, giving the community the opportunity to learn more about the Broadwater Marine Project, ask questions and provide feedback to Council officers.

In December 2012, the community was also invited to complete an online survey about the Broadwater Marine Project. This survey was also available at the community information session, along with feedback forms.

Results from the surveys and feedback received from the community at the information session were presented to Council on 5 March 2013.

In April 2013, Council conducted a stakeholder workshop to document existing community use within and surrounding the Broadwater Marine Project Site.

Findings from the workshop were presented to Council on 29 May 2013.

These reports assisted government to ascertain community opinion and the reports will be made available to shortlisted proponents as they prepare proposals.

Project Background

The proposed Broadwater Marine Project aims to stimulate growth, create employment opportunities and encourage sound development to produce positive economic benefits for the city.

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