ASF Consortium proposal

On 13 February 2014 the Deputy Premier announced that ASF Consortium's detailed proposal had demonstrated a cruise ship terminal was a possibility.

ASF Consortium's proposal, whilst technically possible, requires refinement if it is to meet the State's no cost, no risk position, among other significant conditions. The Deputy Premier has advised ASF Consortium and Council that further work is required as follows:

  • further environmental and technical studies to inform the development of an Initial Advice Statement associated with the establishment of a cruise ship terminal in the Broadwater
  • more detailed infrastructure network planning
  • an extensive community consultation process to provide evidence of the degree of public support for the scale of development proposed.

The further environment and technical studies are required to update outdated information available in regard to the impacts of the capital and maintenance dredging that would be necessary for cruise ships to access the Broadwater. These preliminary environmental studies are considered necessary to inform the lodgement of an Initial Advice Statement with the Coordinator General and the development of Terms of Reference for a full Environmental Impact Study.

Furthermore, ASF Consortium may now lodge a Registration of Interest for the Queensland Government's Integrated Resort Developments process to obtain an Integrated Resort Development casino license. It is expected, that if ASF Consortium is successful in obtaining a casino license under this competitive process, a binding agreement would be reached that any gaming license granted would be conditional on the prior establishment and ongoing operation of a successful cruise ship terminal.

More information on the Integrated Resort Development process can be found at:

To learn more about ASF Consortium's detailed proposal, visit the ASF Consortium website:

Project Background

The proposed Broadwater Marine Project aims to stimulate growth, create employment opportunities and encourage sound development to produce positive economic benefits for the city.

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